How I pay for accommodation?

Payment is made on the basis of the invoice sent. Please do not pay until you receive our invoice / booking confirmation. Once you receive an invoice from us, your booking is confirmed.

Pay I full price of accommodation?

No, you pay a 5% prepayment of the accommodation price. When your booking is confirmed you receive a invoice. Then you have 2 business days to pay the prepayment. If we do not receive funds within the given deadline, your booking will be canceled.

When I pay the rest of the price?

Outstanding amount for accommodation must be made usually no later than 20 days before the start of accommodation. The reservation is paid at the moment the funds are credited to our account. So keep in mind that transferring money from your bank can take 2-3 business days. For exact time o payment outstanding
amount see paymen condition. If we do not receive funds within the given deadline, your booking will be canceled.

Have you non-refundable rates too?

Yes. You can choose a non-refundable payment option. In the case of a non-refundable payment, you will pay the full price within the time limit set for the prepayment. You receive 2% discount for non-refundable option. You can see this option on the invoice.

Is posible to pay with cards?

No, on this moment you can pay just by bank transfer.

Can I modify my booking?

Yes. Changes on booking are possible within 2 days prior to arrival. It is possible to change the passenger name free of charge in the reservation. The change of date can be made within 20 days prior to arrival, subject to availability. In case of a change of the date the client is obliged to pay the difference between the original
price and the current price for accommodation in the new term.